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Our Products

We are Authorized Dealers for following Elevator & Escalator brands:

Canny Elevators

It’s a Public Limited Canny Elevatorsany and The 1st Chinese Elevator Company to be listed in Top Ten Elevator Companies World-Wide. Canny Elevator Co. Ltd. was founded in 1997, Canny possess the World’s Highest Elevator Test Tower with the Height of 288mt. Canny’s products cover more than 99% of the common elevators and escalators in the market. Canny grasps the development concept of “Rooted in China, serve the Global” and expands overseas markets actively, has established 61 overseas agents. Canny’s products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions. In Russia, Korea, South Asia, Southeast Asia, South America, Middle East, GCC and other markets, Canny is the most popular brand of China Elevator Industries. Canny has accomplished Korea Metro, India (Delhi) Metro, Indian Railway Station, Mexico Railway Station, Russia Airport, Indonesia Airport, Turkey Metro and other foreign public transportation projects. Canny’s strength and brand are widely recognized by the end users. Canny’s posses the most valuable brand in China Elevator Industries with the Brand Value of USD 1.09 Billion.

Doppler Lifts

Ever since its establishment in Greece, DOPPLER has been setting high goals which led to a strong and profound presence on the global map and products in more than 60 countries. With its high quality in production and its competitive prices, DOPPLER is increasingly “lifting” and has succeeded to form its ratio of the Greek market - Exports to 10% - 90% from 70% - 30% in 2008! Russia and Great Britain are the top exporting markets while some of the main markets are Northern Europe, Balkan countries and CIS states. In 2010, DOPPLER entered into North and South Africa, the Middle Eastern countries (GCC), India, Iraq, Pakistan and Australia. DOPPLER is also planning to expand its activities both in Central Africa and South America.

IGV Lifts

Founded by engineer Giuseppe Volpe in 1966 Italy, IGV Group is a leading company in the design and manufacturing of DomusLift lifting platforms and lifts with reduced pit and headroom. For more than 50 years, IGV has been designing and manufacturing thousands of solutions for the vertical mobility, becoming a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of customised products. These “tailored” products established the identity of Italian manufacturer of style, for the constant attention to product design and technological innovation.

Our unique formula for success includes having a well-trained team of skilled technicians managed by experienced engineers, and also by assuring 24/7 callback service.

Products We Offer

  • Home Elevator
  • Passenger Elevator (MR / MRL)
  • Hospital / Bed Elevator
  • Goods / Freight Elevators (Wide car / Deep Car)
  • Car Elevators
  • Observation / Panoramic Elevators (Capsule / Square / Hexagon)
  • Hydraulic Elevators [DOMUS LIFTS] (Direct type / Indirect type)
  • Dumbwaiters
  • Escalators
  • Moving walks

These products are featured with cost-effectiveness, low maintenance and trouble free usage. We focus on superior quality material which sustains for longer period and high-functional capacity.